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Sophie Sprout

Voice Experience

Alexa for Seniors

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Simple Time

Voice Experience

Product Marketing and Development

Witlingo for Podcasters

Customer Success Showcase / Lead Generation

Voice Assistants for 

Wedding Planning

Using Voice to prevent social isolation in seniors

Primary roles 

 Directed UX Research and Beta testing; Led implementation and support services


The Weinberg Place is an assisted living facility serving low-income seniors.

Our goal in partnering with this community is two-fold:


1) Offer the program coordinator a sustainable way to reach residents with news, future events, and notices.

2) Give residents a hands-free, eyes-free channel through which they can access updates information by asking Alexa

The program coordinator began recording voice posts once familiar with the process and began to record posts every day since then


Asking Alexa for the Weinberg's updates has become a part of some residents' daily routines. Attendance to community events has increased.


“Witlingo has been one of the answers to the success

of this technology program!"

-- Carolyn Peoples, Service Coordinator of The Weinberg Place


Eat and Sing With Sophie Sprout!

Primary roles 

 Directed UX Research and Beta testing

Using the Sophie Sprout mealtime experience, accessed via either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, parents of toddlers can ask for songs to start off a meal, introduce a new food, or ask for funny sounds to enliven the mealtime experience.

Our field research leading up to the design of the experience showed clearly that many of the parents who use a visual surface (phone/tablet) to distract their child and get them to eat felt guilty and wished they didn’t have to do it. A voice enabled smart speaker helps with this problem and provides parents with a chance to engage their toddlers much more communally and interactively.


Created user flows, wire frames, client-facing prototypes

Secondary roles 



Simple Time

Simple Time is a voice experience designed to help anyone keep track of that one important thing.


You can start, pause, and stop your tracker, and also ask how much time was tracked. If you need to take a break at any point, just ask the tracker to pause, then come back later to keep tracking where you left off.

One of the best things about Simple Time is that it can be a communal tracker: one person can start tracking time, while a different person can stop or pause it. If you have a nanny or babysitter, have mom start Simple Time on her way out when the babysitter arrives, and have dad stop the timer once he he gets home.

Primary roles 

Developed MVP; established functional requirements; 

created user flows; performed QA



Talk Wordy to Me

Our team identified members of the podcasting community as a potential good fit for our product.

To test this hypothesis, I conducted field research by attending podcasting conferences and events. I built personal relationships with podcasters and conducted informal surveys to formulate a true idea of the pain points and problems that podcasters face regularly. One key problem surfaced via this research:

Podcasters want an easy way to engage their audience and ideally an easy way to feature the voice of their listeners on the show (similar to calling in to a radio station).

I used the results of my research to launch a marketing campaign promoting one specific feature of our product that a podcaster could use to accomplish this. I launched the microcast Talk Wordy to Me to demonstrate how our feature can be used to help solve this problem. I drove adoption of this feature and reported to our product team with feedback and action items to continue making the feature more robust for our users.


Primary roles 

Led market research; developed go-to market and socialization strategies;


Voice Assistants for Wedding Planning

The purpose of this vision statement is to illustrate one potential application of Witlingo's technology that targets a promising customer base: wedding planners.

Working with a product that has a practically infinite amount of use cases is challenging when it's not immediately obvious which market segment to target. As Witlingo's product marketing lead, one of my main responsibilities is to develop a to-go-market strategy and launch marketing campaigns that target potential customers who ideally fall into all three of the following categories:

- Use case provides high value to end user (in this case, family/ friends of the bride)

- Content provider (bride) has a budget and wants to spend it solving this particular problem

- Use case provides high value to the content provider *and* they have time to create minimum amount of content


Developed creative vision from scratch; wrote, directed and produced promo video

Primary roles 


Customer Success Series

Lead program coordinater; panel moderator

The Voice First Webinar Series is a collaboration between Witlingo 

and our partners at Pragmatic Digital. The series has several objectives:

1) Generate leads by educating attendees about the relevance of our products

and services for their business

2) Sponsor an opportunity for current customers to explain how they're leveraging

voice technology to generate new leads or make a positive impact in their industry

3) Facilitate a discussion centered around ways that people are using

voice first technology to solve real problems 

The series has successfully generated new leads for Witlingo, Pragmatic Digital, and 

even for the panelists that have participated. Webinar recordings serve as an

enduring resource that saves valuable time during sales cycles. 

Primary Roles





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