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OMG -- Alexa, Stop

(IxDA, February 2019)

Voice assistants’ conversational capabilities will eventually mimic true human conversation, which begs the question: will the way humans converse with their computers start changing conversation between humans? Should the predicted implications change the way we design these interfaces right now?

Panel: Designing for Voice First

(January 2019)

"Identify Skills for a Far-Field, Voice First Experience"

(May 2019)

"Surfing the Voice First Web"

(July 2019)

"Ideating and Designing a Voice First Experience"

(July 2018)

"Ten Lessons Learned: Launching Voice

Experiences for Clients"

(February 2019)

"OMG -- Alexa, Stop"

(IxDA, February 2019)

"The Name of the Game"

(January 2019)




"Voice UX and

Content Strategy"

"Emerging Importance

of Voice First Marketing & SEO"

DC Tech Meetup #64

"Designing for Voice"

Demystifying AI: Can Big Data Transform

HealthCare and Life Sciences?

"Designing Successful and Ethical VUIs"


Podcast Appearances



Ideating and Designing an Alexa skill that Keeps Users Coming Back

(UXDC Meetup, February 2019)

The Voice UX Research & Design Process

(Onyx Valley Portfolio Program, May 2018)

Voice Design 101

(Alexa Conference, January 2018)


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Guest Lectures

I speak several times each semester in HCI and Linguistics graduate classes at the University of Maryland and at Georgetown University.


During these visits, I address the current state of the voice tech industry and speak to the many career paths that are available to someone interested in the fields of VUI and Conversational design.


Let's talk Voice!

Thanks! I look forward to chatting soon. :)

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